Management Team
PK Muraleekrishnan  I   Hema Panicker  I   Andy Eames  I  Mike Long

Support Team
Krishnadas Kurup  I   Ravikumar  I   Harilal  I   Ranjan Naidu

The team at Executive Direction constantly maps world HR practices and draw up suitable HR Recruitment Plans time to time so that our accurate potential candidate can be instrumental to raise productivity and also can prolong his/ her association with a company for mutual growth.




Working Methodology

“Structured and innovative way of working, Perfectly poised to address any kind of HR Management crisis,
Experienced Recruiters, Hassle-free Recruitment Process, Deep understanding of Job Description and Novel Ideas.
Assisting clients in all stages of the search to ensure a successful fit – defining the position specifications, screening candidates,
Conducting reference checks and negotiating the final agreement.”

Relationship with customer
We take pride in associating ourselves with the customers by matching our capabilities with their needs.
We leave no stone unturned in building up customer support relationship by
Team Work, Continuous improvement, treating mistakes as opportunities to learn and take corrective measures and Maintenance of quality of services.

“To keep customers, business need to invest in its employees”